At least one downtown businesshas decided to close on Saturday

At least one downtown businesshas decided to close on Saturday because of the proposed demonstrations. In an email shared with Berkeleyside, Kristine Seinsch, ownerof Jazzcaff, said for the safety of itsemployees she has decided to keep thecaf on Addison Street, closed during the day. She hopes to be open for anevening concert there.. Whatever the cause, there’s no denying that this quiet town of 2,500 that straddles the border of Fillmore and Olmsted counties seems to hold few charms for our governor, especially when he’s ready to show his fiscal displeasure. Two years ago, he chose Chatfield’s Brass Band Music Lending Library as his favorite whipping boy. Not only did he use titanium cup his line item veto power to eliminate a $400,000 renovation of the library, but he repeatedly pointed to this small project as an example of the Legislature’s misplaced priorities. cheap nfl jerseys Skylights are something that have taken Americans wholesale nfl jersyes a long time to not only get used to but to learn where and how Wholesale Jerseys to best utilize them. And we’re still not there yet in many instances. The notion of sticking skylights into houses seemed to arrive over here with a vengeance during the 1970s from Europe where they’ve been used for centuries. For those not making a road trip, AAA predicts about 3.5 million people will travel by plane. Austin Bergstrom International Airport records the day before Thanksgiving as the second busiest travel day next to the Monday after F1. About 19,000 passengers will go through the airport. You know you’re of a fine old vintage if you remember when “that little old winemaker” pushed wine to a national television audience, or better yet, bellied up to the bar at the Italian Swiss Colony tasting room. But not as old as the winery’s earlier mascot him the little old wine imbiber. Back in the day when there wasn’t a winery around every bend in the road, the Italian Swiss Colony was the biggest tourist destination in the North Bay. Nixon 34. Drunken bum (slang) 35. Times assigned to serve 37. Cadillac’s midsize SUV will be replaced by a new model with a new name. The upcoming XT5 bears a vague similarity to the SRX, which was Cadillac’s first car based SUV. The SRX was one of the best five passenger luxury crossovers when it went on sale in as a 2010 model, but it’s overdue to be replaced.. Whatever you decide, this Allegiant trip to Hawaii is a smoking deal compared to Hawaii flights out of Sky Harbor. Again, “caveat emptor.” That’s Caesar speak for “buyer beware.” Allegiant customers have complained about announced delays, unannounced delays, and delayed delays. Also, stressed employees grow testy trying to explain the delays.