Clearly, Google has no idea what the user is talking

Clearly, Google has no idea what the user is talking about, which is typically where the Knowledge Graph shines. It helps you let Google know which thing you are actually looking for via these “see results about” boxes. In this case, however, the Knowledge Graph only assumes I’m either talking about the musical (which it lists as a book for some reason, while pointing to a page about the actual musical) or the film. In the pantheon of Chicago chickens, Big City’s is already superior to Harold’s Chicken Shack, and maybe one tier below Big Jones, which serves arguably the most critically acclaimed rendition in Chicago. With both comparisons, the linger of the fry oil is apparent, however subtle beef tallow at Harold’s, the porcine richness of lard at Big Jones. Big City’s soybean oil fried chicken leaves a clean taste on the palate, and therein lies its strength: tasting as chicken should taste and nothing more.. “Gas prices are impacted by what happening internationally, said John Townsend, with AAA Mid Atlantic. Situation in Greece, and the situation cheap nfl jerseys in Europe, and what happening with the Euro has taken some of the wind out of the sail. But by shopping around we also found $2.73 at the Sunoco station on 15th and U streets NW. Cable technician Jonathan Ramires told us the techs had gathered outside Prince Telecom in Athens Wednesday morning refusing to accept a cheap football jerseys cut in pay. We arrived a short time later and observed a number of employees outside the business. Ramires said the men had been called inside for one on one meetings.. The Helios building in July 2011 as the cheap nfl jerseys “skinning” process began with the application of temporary green cheap football jerseys cladding. Photo: Jef PoskanzerI completed my final requisite design studio last summer, when Helios was being “skinned” with exterior cladding. It was a process that coincided uncannily with my struggles to resolve the steel and glass structure of my own design for an urban activity center. Many people, in these pages and otherwise, have attributed the national uprising of solo folk musicians and laptop based bands wholesale nfl jerseys to a side effect of America’s gross lack of affordable real estate. In places like DC, San Francisco, and New York, places which have made rich historical contributions to rock and punk (and invented entirely new types of music like go go and, erm, hiphop), it’s a Sisyphean task to find acceptable living arrangements, much less anything resembling a practice space. Thusly, in cramped and pricey cities, it makes more sense to simply create music with DJ tables, with computers, with instruments untethered by heavy amplification devices or bulky drum sets (especially considering that in places like New York, the circumference of your amp is probably greater than the circumference of your entire bathroom).