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Finders Keeper director Frank Webster said a lack of housing was driving prices up but the council’s rule that 50 per cent of homes in any plot should be affordable was turning developers away.In May a potentially damaging Court of Appeal decision ruled small developers should not have to make affordable housing contributions.But the city council responded last month by insisting developments in the city wholesale china jerseys with between four and nine houses should still contain affordable homes, despite national guidelines saying those with fewer than 10 should be exempt, claiming Oxford was the “least affordable area” wholesale nba jerseys in the country.The city council’s housing policy meant that Grosvenor Developments Ltd, in partnership with Oxford City Council, promised to make 40 per cent of the 885 new homes at Barton Park affordable.The developer that takes on the proposed 190 homes on the former Wolvercote Paper Mill site would be required to make 76 of them social housing for rental, with the remaining 19 available to buy through shared ownership.The Summertown based estate agent’s director said: “We are seeing new developments at Barton Park and the Paper Mill site but wholesale nfl jerseys again 50 per cent of those 190 homes will be affordable homes.”If the policy continues the council will be getting 50 per cent of nothing.”Affordable housing is crucial but there’s a way of striking a balance and we don’t have the right balance at the moment.”But Alex Hollingsworth, city council board member for planning, transport and regulatory services, responded: “Oxford City Council’s affordable housing policies have been subjected to rigorous public examination by planning inspectors, and have been found to be sound.”The demand for affordable housing in Oxford is huge, and the 50% policy is fully justified. New housing completions in Oxford are running at their highest level for several years, and the volume of new planning applications is increasing. In other words, while some developers and estate agents would prefer to avoid affordable housing obligations, the council has not received evidence that our affordable housing policy has stopped development.”i get Paid Over 80 per hour working from home with 2 kids at house.