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“More than 85% of the inmate workers assigned to PRIDE will be released into Florida communities within 10 years,” PRIDE said in a statement. “PRIDE’s vocational training and job placement services are provided at no cost to taxpayers. We are pleased that we were able to win this bid through the fair bidding process and that we will be able to provide the taxpayers of Jacksonville a significant savings over the term of the contract.”.

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When I make a decision I stick with it. I hate spontaneity. You can’t have three restaurants in four years without good organization and finite goals. Well, in that 10 years, the IRS spent a lot of money investigating, not only my transaction I was almost a nonentity but investigating over 700 taxpayers nationwide. They settled with the accounting firms for fairly nominal fees in exchange for the accounting firms furnishing the names of all of their clients that they had recommended these investments to and had made those investments. And so the reality was that after 10 years, it was insane for me, at 68, to continue with this kind of worry and frustration and not be able to deal with the Internal Revenue [Service].

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“All of these meetings were going on and that has been helping us to arrive at a plan. There are some key pieces in the plan: certainly one of the pieces was to see if we could get a levy passed. Another piece of it was in addition (to the levy), we need to fundraise some resources in the committee because the HRA is not going to pay for everything,” Stormer said.