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I sense that some might wish for an Americans only shopping time at Costco; however, I feel that such a restriction would negatively impact Canadian Costco members from shopping there in favor of other food outlets. We ALL paid our membership fees and feel we have equal status, same as we do at the Lynden Safeway. Canadians also face long border waits in order to shop American outlets and even face currency fluctuations that are not always favorable.

In the past it suited both parties to keep such arrangements in place. Ireland, an impoverished economy following conservative protectionist policies, could not hope to offer employment to all its people. Britain benefited from a nearby source of cheap labour, English speaking and readily available.

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He told the confidential source about plans to travel to the Middle East and indicated he planned to join ISIS and “fight in Jihad,” according to court records. In one conversation, Alebbini said: “Our duty is to support the Islamic State. Those are the words, what is your duty? Jihad.

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