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The increase is not unexpected. Winter weather burns more electricity, and prices for the fuel climb. Recent news that natural gas exports exceeded imports for the first time in 60 years also boosted confidence in the commodity, as did news of Mexico’s sustained demand for natural gas via pipelines from West Texas.

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Just plug in a regular indoor or outdoor TV antenna, a USB drive, and an Ethernet cable to connect it to the Internet. The Tablo takes care of the rest: it scans the airwaves and finds all the available TV signals with surgical precision. Then, it goes online to gather some info and builds a custom on screen electronic program guide (EPG) for each registered channel (based on the local postal code)..

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The store which opens on Wednesday started a line a 9 am for giveaways. The first 41 people in line who comply by the rules will receive a free couch. From left to right are shoppers Anna Parker of University City, Victoria Paul of Maplewood, Cusumano, Denise Letterman of Marshfield, and Kelly Martin of Granite City.

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First I need to give a shout out to Julia Vegetarian Restaurant in Pacific Grove. My wife loves that Julia is committed to serving varied and delicious vegetarian dishes. Like others of her ilk, she has grown weary of pasta primavera, uninspired green salads and Portobello mushroom burgers.