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The study determined it would take about $207.5 million in capital costs (in 2007 dollars), and $10.35 million in annual operating and maintenance costs to provide commuter rail service between Kenosha and Milwaukee, with stops and in some cases new stations in Somers, Racine, Caledonia, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee, Cudahy/St. Francis, the south side of Milwaukee, and downtown Milwaukee. “Depending on the project we may not be able to apply for state funds.

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Former NFL head coach Brian Billick, now an analyst with Fox TV, was asked by the St. And for that matter, Buffalo Wild Wings is hardly the only restaurant in the city to offer deals on dining. For whatever reason, this particular event attracted a large number of unruly teens that required a police response to quell. Ultimately, it could have just as easily been cheap slice night at the mall’s Chuck E.

Cleary’s biggest reported contributors for the filing period were Blue Lake Rancheria, which donated $5,000, and McKinleyville’s Victor Koshkin, who donated $1,000. Cleary reported spending $5,849 in the filing period, and ended with $14,427 in cash on hand. McKinleyville resident Ryan Sundberg reported raising $14,567 in the filing period.

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