(English) Tilley article also cites the case of Dorothy

Tilley article also cites the case of Dorothy, a 13 year old whose chronic truancy Wertham ascribed to her admiration for the comic book heroine Sheena and comics, omitting any mention of other factors listed in her case notes, such as her low intelligence, her reading disability, her gang membership, her sexual activity and her status as a runaway. Wertham also didn reveal that he never personally met or observed Dorothy; she was the patient of his associate, Dr. Hilde Mosse..

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Stores across Muskogee and surrounding towns will discount their top sellers and set their alarms for the wee hours of Friday morning in preparation for thousands of Black Friday shoppers. Friday. But managers at both stores say they’ll be ready to handle their early birds.

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The direct competition to the 6200 from ATI are the PCI Express X300 and X300SE (128 bit and 64 bit versions respectively). ATI has a bit of a disadvantage here because the X300 and X300SE are still based on the old Radeon 9600 architecture and not a derivative of the X800 and X700. ATI is undoubtedly working on a 4 pipe version of the X800, but for this review, the advantage is definitely in NVIDIA’s court.