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Urban Lounge is the prime spot for strong drinks and solid tunes.Two Creek Coffee House502 Third Avenue, 363 3238The Avenues best kept coffee secret is a quaint, study friendly retreat to caffeinate before an evening of economics homework or a moonlit adventure. A full espresso and coffee menu is complemented by fresh pastries stocked daily and Salt Lake City finest late night belly filler, the Rico burrito. The best thing about Two Creek is its intentional ignorance about Starbucks 32 ounce quadruple shot caramel whipped cream smothered whatever culture.

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Consider the dilemma of the salad lover. At coffee shops, the cook lobs a little iceberg lettuce and pinkish dressing into a bowl and calls it a house salad the price is right, but that’s about all. Meanwhile, at trendy bistros, the chef sprinkles pampered baby greens with balsamic vinegar delicious, but it takes plenty discount jerseys of folding green to harvest this salad.

Alright, that?s all I?ve got for you for now, there?s much more to cover, but I have tried to steer you in the right direction. Remember that fundamentals are the key to playing; do not get too ahead of yourself. Take your time, develop your ear, learn songs, get exposed to various rhythms and techniques, and practice, practice, practice..

The narrow waterway lined with Ottoman palaces and waterside mansions called connects the Black Sea to the Sea cheap nba jerseys of Marmara and bisects Istanbul into European and Asian sides. Scores of large oil tankers, cargo ships, and other vessels sail through the waterway each day. The best stretch for a walk is on the European side of the shore from the small former waterfront village of Ortakoy to the 15th century Ottoman fortress of Rumelihisar.

SAN BERNARDINO The rapper B Real of Cypress Hill once boasted in a song that he carried a sawed off shotgun with one hand on the pump and the other hand on a “forty.” The term being slang for a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor, the famed rapper may have unwittingly illustrated a study released by UC Riverside researchers. They say violent crime wholesale jerseys rates are higher here in neighborhoods with a higher density of liquor stores and stores that set aside more than 10 percent of their cooler space for single serve alcohol containers. Their study was published in this month’s issue of Drug and Alcohol Review.